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Tomatis Consultant in Eastern France

"The ear is the filter of life."

The Institute of Listening and Voice complements the vocal and spoken voice programs with the Tomatis listening sessions and the Forbrain active listening workshops. Get personalized support to improve your listening skills with France Christine Fournet.

These methods are adapted to several fields of application such as performing arts, improving well-being and quality of life, concentration and attention, language and learning, communication and socialization. Understand how your ear is functionning and the harms that noise can have on it through care adapted to your problem.

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    Tomatis Consultant

    Alfred Tomatis' 50 years of research on hearing and the field of application psycho-neuro-physiological (FAUTE EN FRANCAIS : psycho-neuro-physiologIque) allow to generate a global and integrative harmonization of each. This method allows you to work on different areas of applications in order to improve your quality of life on a daily basis.

    Listening test

    The listening test allows us to see the listening barriers from anyone. Analysis of the results helps to establish a diagnosis and choose the adapted listening training. The hearing curve is constantly changing- This is the reason why, if you feel the need, it is interesting to test your hearing ability.

    Improved hearing

    The hearing improvement exercises proposed by France Christine Fournet use filtered sounds transformed naturally as energy in the brain to recreate optimal functioning connections. Training is not invasive or tiring, the goal being that it is pleasant and that it relaxes you. Hearing training can be done from Tomatis headsets.

    Tomatis Training Devices

    Listening improvement exercises are performed with specialized headsets with programmed filters such as Forbrain, Solisten, Soundsory, or Infinite. Each device corresponds to a specific problem and makes it possible to break down the barriers of listening during the sessions.

    Singing Lessons

    The work of the singing voice can consolidate the benefits of listening improvement exercises. France Christine Fournet offers a personalized program to develop vocal technique, breath management, diction, stage presence, timbre, ... Benefit from a professional voice program.

    Speech Training

    Public speaking can be a real challenge for some people. The work of the spoken voice is addressed to speakers, actors, teachers, students, or anyone who has to assume a speaking role and ensure a physical performance. Benefit from a punctual program or regular coaching.

    France Christine Fournet

    • Tomatis Level 3 Consultant
    • 40 years of experience
    • 10 years as director of the Haute Ecole de Musique de Fribourg
    • 10 years of partnership with Tomatis
    • 120 Tomatis customers
    • Thousand votes

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      France Christine Fournet accompanies you in the realization of yourself through the voice and the energetic potential.

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      Voice technician

      Choir leader and lyric singer, the choirs call on France Christine Fournet.

      40 years of experience

      France Christine Fournet puts her expertise at the service of your auditory and vocal well-being.

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