Listening Improvement

Listening Improvement

Hearing Training from Tomatis Devices

Improving the hearing capacity is made possible thanks to a regular training. The Tomatis Method is a listening program that works through several devices with a unique technology: the TalksUp®, the TAP or Solisten®. They process instantly the voice and music to produce faithfully the "Tomatis® effect ". Since creation of the electronic Gating® developed by Alfred Tomatis, the technology has continued to improve to reach accuracy and optimum efficiency. The TalksUp® integrates all the parameters of the Tomatis® Method. This is the most advanced and powerful tool available to Tomatis® professionals.

First of all, you need to do a hearing test to know what your listening barriers are. This hearing test will allow the Tomatis Consultant to establish the intensive sessions and the device needed to improve your hearing.

How does the Tomatis Method work?

It uses high harmonics as a cortical recharge tool. Indeed, this method is based on the reconstruction of brain connections between the ear and the voice. The use of Tomatis listening training allows:

  • to broadcast an overloaded soundtrack in high-pitched harmonics through channel 1
  • to broadcast an overloaded soundtrack in bass harmonics through channel 2
  • to stimulate the attention mechanism through a gating system between channel 1 and channel 2
  • and as a result to improve hearing, speech, attention and posture.

What is the frequency of hearing training?

To get hearing improvement results, it is important that you are motivated and involved. The two small muscles of the hammer and the caliper in the inner ear must learn to work as is the case for any sports training. Hearing training requires 3 months of use: twice a month and a half with the possibility to renew for an additional month according to your needs

Trust a Tomatis Consultant in Alsace

France Christine Fournet, consultant Tomatis offers hearing training sessions tailored to your hearing improvement needs. A Tomatis program is usually divided into three activities: a passive listening phase, reading and repetition exercises. The goal is to get results and live the exercises as a pleasant and soothing time.

The hearing improvement exercises from the Tomatis devices act on the air conduction via the eardrum, as well as on the bone conduction through resonances on the bones of the skull. To learn more about hearing improvement, contact a Tomatis Consultant in Alsace.