Working with our spoken voice

Working with our spoken voice

Public speaking

Public speaking can be a real challenge for some people. That’s why France Christine Fournet offers a work of the spoken voice personalized and adapted to the needs of each one.

These exercises are intended for an audience of speakers, actors, students, teachers or anyone who needs to speak and ensure a certain bodily presence during a speech.

The benefits of speaking

Public speaking exercises have several advantages, such as:

  • The awareness of phonation
  • The development of the personal sound image
  • Awakening to body and spatial consciousness
  • Managing breath and associated emotions
  • Development of memory capabilities
  • Improving the energy-intensive function of hearing
  • Consolidation of the listening improvement programs

Workflow of the spoken voice

An analysis of the good and bad practices combined with an interview allows you to state a balance sheet and a program proposal perfectly adapted to your needs and objectives. Thanks to the meeting of the multiple skills of France Christine Fournet – concert performer, teaching of singing, research on the ear and spoken and sung phonation, use of the Tomatis method - Different programs can be developed to achieve desired outcomes.

The duration of the programs designed for the spoken voice

The initial assessment lasts 1h, it allows you to analyze your needs and offer you a personalized support. Following this assessment, you can benefit from a speech coaching in professional situation on an ad hoc basis depending on the event, it lasts 2h.

You can also participate in group training by groups of 6 that include monthly visits and the loan of teaching materials. Be ready for your next presentation and contact a voice coach now.