Listening Improvement Devices

Listening Improvement Devices

Intensive hearing improvement sessions are done from listening improvement devices. France Christine Fournet, Tomatis consultant in Alsace, analyzes your listening barriers in order to advise you on the device that will be effective for you.

Tomatis Listening Improvement Devices

The Tomatis method is based on a unique and powerful technology for hearing improvement. Tomatis devices are known to be efficient and easy to use.
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Tomatis Talksup Listening Devices

The Talksup hearing trainer adapts perfectly to the Tomatis method for effective results.
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Forbrain, Brain and Voice Trainer

The Forbrain Brain Trainer is a brain training headset that uses your voice to stimulate your brain.
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Soundsory®, a Listening Improvement Device

Soundsory®, a Listening Improvement Device. Soundsory is a multi-sensory training program that helps improve motor and cognitive functions.
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Solisten® Listening Improvement Device

Combined with special headphones, Solisten® provides pre-programmed, selected and processed music to boost the hearing treatment system.
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