Tomatis Consultant

Tomatis Consultant in Alsace

The Listening ability and the Voice

The Tomatis Method Improves Motor, Emotional and Cognitive abilities, through Music and Language. It is is based on the principle of transmission of unanticipated sound contrasts through music and a person’s voice in order to constantly surprise the brain. That element of surprise, forces the brain to develop automatic mechanisms to detect change, which ultimately serves to develop stronger focus and attention.

Level 3 Tomatis Consultant, France Christine Fournet offers a personalized accompaniment, combining her 40 years of experience as a lyric singer and Alfred Tomatis' 50 years of research on hearing and its psycho-neuro-physiological field of application. What is Tomatis Method?

The different areas of application of the Tomatis method

Tomatis listening sessions and Forbrain active listening workshops are useful in several areas:

  • The attention
  • Learning
  • Voice and language
  • Control of emotions
  • Motor skills and coordination
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Tomatis method for improving voice and language

Thanks to an active work on the audio-vocal loop through bone and aerial conduction, the Tomatis method allows to re-establish the link between the brain, the ear and the voice. Indeed, a good voice program also requires a good listening to one’s own voice in order to measure the quality and intensity.

The benefits of the Tomatis method on language disorders

By its action on the link between the ear, the voice and the brain, this method promotes the perception of fundamental sounds of language, which can help people with language disorders.

It is thanks to a regular and intensive training that France Christine Fournet helps you improve your speech and posture for an oral fluency in order to capture the attention of your audience. Hire a Tomatis consultant in the Eastern region of France.