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About France Christine Fournet

Living our voice harmoniously is a know-how of audio-vocal improvement

Lyric artist, teacher and consultant Tomatis, France Christine Fournet is the founder of the Institut de l'Écoute et de la Voix. She puts her experience at the service of vocal and auditory wellness. Concert performer, multilingual and rich in experience, she is aware of the criteria guaranteeing a quality of vocal presentation. Her experience of the voice touches the fields of pedagogy, the theater stage, oral requirements in business, pedagogical or administrative environment, allows her to address the proper use of the voice and to remedy vocal distortions.

  • Certified Tomatis Method Practitioner
  • License of vocal pedagogy
  • Concert license
  • 1st prize in musical comedy

Services of the Institut de l'Écoute et de la Voix

Tomatis Consultant

Tomatis level 3 consultant, benefit from an active and personalized teaching.

Improved hearing

Regularly train your hearing with innovative devices.


Work on your speech and posture for natural vocal control.