Listening test

Tomatis Listening Test

Test your hearing capacity

The Tomatis listening testallows you to know in what shape your ear is, using the information provided by the air and bone condition thanks to the use of two specific devices.

Each ear is tested independently of the other using a sound-emitting device. It allows a bone conduction curve as well as an aerial conduction curve to determine when the noise was heard or not. Each hearing test has its own uniqueness that differs from this ideal test example. This information, in addition to the interview, helps to define the nature of intensive sessions.

Break down the listening obstacles

The Tomatis listening test makes it possible to make a diagnosis thanks to the established curves that correspond to our personal listening pattern. Following the hearing test, the Tomatis Consultant can determine the nature of the intensive session to be followed for the improvement of hearing. Discover the options offered following this test:

  • Listening sessions
  • Individual programs
  • Collective programs
  • The audio-vocal classes
  • Active Listening Workshops with the Forbrain

Why have your own hearing tested?

France Christine Fournet considers the ear as a filter for our life perception. Indeed, hearing makes it possible to communicate with others and with the world. Hearing loss can concern the volume of sound but also the tone and the richness in harmonics. Regardless of the cause, even minor hearing loss affects the quality of daily life. Hearing disorders can impact social relationships and lead to cognitive decline such as loss of memory, attention span, or the use of certain language elements. That’s why it’s important to have your hearing tested regularly.

How old is it to test your hearing?

A hearing test is performed at birth to detect potential hearing loss in newborns. A child hearing test is then recommended to detect situations such as attention problems and speech difficulties that may be related to hearing loss.

Hearing continues to evolve over time. This is why the Tomatis listening test can also be done in adulthood. It is also highly recommended to regularly test your hearing from the age of 50 to prevent the adverse effects of hearing loss. Don’t wait any longer to test your audition with a Tomatis Consultant near Mulhouse.