OVER THE USE OF THE FORBRAIN – Maximize learning potential


Forbrain® is brightening the lives of people with special education needs worldwide. Our non-invasive learning device perfectly complements therapy to boost program outcomes.

Brain training for a better life

Learning is critical to everyone’s development, but did you know hearing plays an essential role? It’s an important part of how we sense the world around us which impacts the ways we think, feel and act. People with special education needs may have a long road to reaching the same outcomes as others, yet the right tools and training can help them get there.
Forbrain applies years of auditory stimulation research to provide an easy-to-use learning device that boosts the brain. Our device leverages the natural auditory feedback loop to improve skills such as speech fluency and comprehension, attention, and memory. With Forbrain, people can grow the cognitive skills and self-confidence needed for a fulfilling life.

What are the benefits?

Clearer speech

Forbrain instantly helps the wearer tune into the various sounds critical in language construction. This improves voice quality and rhythm.

Increased attention

Forbrain keeps the brain alert which helps sustain attention and reduce distraction. These qualities aid clearer thinking and memory.

Stronger memory

Forbrain improves the activation of auditory pathways in the brain during speech, enabling better information retention.

Tackle learning challenges with Forbrain®

Forbrain is a safe, non-invasive device that’s easy to use during therapy to boost program outcomes and at home as a bridge between sessions. Our powerful technology immediately enhances self-awareness and vocalization which improves the wearer’s speech and motivates them to practice. Children also think the headphones are super cool and fun to use!
There are many ways to use Forbrain depending on the person’s unique needs and goals. Why not give activities like vocal play, reading, social games, and singing a go?

Speech and sound disorders:

Speech-language delay, apraxia, speech and sound disorders, and language disorders. Forbrain improves self-awareness which makes speech easier to correct.

Auditory processing disorder:

Forbrain helps correct the processing of sensory and auditory information and improves listening skills.

Attention disorders:

Such as ADD and ADHD. Forbrain can be used in activities where the child may have difficulty staying on task as the device creates a grounding effect that helps them stay present and focused.

Learning disabilities:

Such as Dyslexia and memory or reading difficulties. Forbrain aids recall of sight words, spelling, and vocabulary often leading to increased reading fluency.

Autism spectrum disorders:

Such as Autism or Asperger’s syndrome. The use of Forbrain can lead to improved attention, energy, vocalization, social interaction and mood regulation. It can also help non-verbal children.

Stroke and brain injury rehab:

To help people accelerate their recovery journey. Forbrain taps into brain plasticity, thus supporting improved speech and attention.

For young children:

We recommend children aged 3 years and over practice with Forbrain for 15 minutes daily. Continue for 6–8 weeks followed by a one month break to see optimal results. Repeat the cycle as often as desired. Note: Please consult your child’s therapist as they may recommend a tailored use time and program.